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Welcome to Pipcar Ltd


PIPCAR Ltd was established some 10 years ago to meet the ever increasing demands for effective core cooling in the plastic injection moulding industry. Demand in related industries has, since then, led us to supply purpose designed Heat Pipes to the plastic extrusion and the metal diecasting industries.

We also supply purpose designed Heat Pipes to other industries including, amongst others, the electronics, aero-space, telecommunication industries. Many of these Heat Pipes have complex functions. Some, for example, conduct heat in one direction only ('diode' effect). Others stabilise the temperature of sensitive components over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Yet others have a 'flat plate' outline for cooling of PCB components.

Whatever your Heat Pipe design needs or problems, our senior management/design team (who have some 30 years experience) will rise to the challenge.

Our quality management structure is fully accredited by the UKAS accredited body to ISO9001 : 2015.

PIPCAR Ltd is Europe's foremost manufacturer of leading edge technology Heat Pipes and Water Fountains for the plastic injection moulding and extrusion industries.

Simple and complex function Heat Pipes are also available for electronics, aerospace and other applications.

Our products are available, as 'own brand' products, through distributors in many countries. They are available in the UK both via distributors and direct from the factory.

We also welcome new distributor enquiries from countries where we are currently not represented.